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She keeps an eye on everything happening down on the farm and there isn’t much she doesn’t know about Green Valley so if you have any questions ...  just ask Lucy!

Lucy spends her days happily eating grass & making milk in the lush meadows of Mangatawhiri.

Meet Lucy ...
Milk is great for strong bones & teeth

Milk is a great source of Calcium which is essential for healthy bones no matter what age you are.  Young children need it while bones are growing & adults need it to keep their bones strong & to prevent osteoporosis.


Milk is great for strong teeth helping prevent tooth decay & cavities.


Did you know? In the year ending June 2012 New Zealand Dairy Companies processed 19.1 Billion litres of milk!
Healthy Body & Mind

Milk has properties that lower high blood pressure & risks of strokes. It reduces the livers production of cholesterol and it can act as an antacid.


A glass of milk after you exercise helps your body to recover, keeping soreness at bay while replenishing fluids lost during your workout.


A great stress reliever!  A glass of warm milk helps put you to sleep & has been proven to reduce symptoms of PMS while boosting energy.  Who could ask for more?



Did you know? Each cow produces an average of 4,100 litres of milk per year.

Milk contains protein which helps to rebuild muscles!

Did you know? 75% of dairy herds in New Zealand are in the North Island with 34% of them being located in the Waikato District.
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